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Donor Recognition Tree - Small



Wm. Schoppy, Inc. BBB Business Review

 Donor Recognition Tree - Small

Size: 63" Wide X 72" High - Total 279 Leaves At a donor value of $250.00 per leaf will gross $69,750.00

With 1A add-on Size: 100" Wide x 72" High - Total 471 Leaves At a donor value of $250.00 per leaf will gross $117,750.00

With 1B add-on Size: 100" Wide x 87" High - Total 575 Leaves At a donor value of $250.00 per leaf will gross $143,750.00

With 1C add-on Size: 125" Wide x 87" High - Total 710 Leaves At a donor value of $250.00 per leaf will gross $177,500.00

 Trunk DesIgns

Our recognition trees offer four unique trunk designs, three traditional and one contemporary. Traditional trunk designs are

sculpted bas-relief and cast in solid bronze with an antique finish and protective lacquer. The contemporary design is cut from .

inch yellow brass plate with a satin finish and protective lacquer. Additional sizes and designs may be developed using standard

trunk and leaf designs. Custom trunks, shapes and sizes may be developed upon request.

Acrylic Tree Tops

The tops of all recognition trees are fabricated from 1⁄4” thick clear acrylic sheet. The acrylic is predrilled and tapped to accept the

small brass machine screws that attach the leaves to the tree top. The acrylic is projected 1˝from the wall surface by spacers

during installation. Add-on panels are not butted together, but are spaced 1⁄˝3⁄˝between acrylic sections.

Optional colors for the tree tops include two smoked translucent acrylic shades, for an additional price of $468 per tree:

• #2539 Solar Bronze for use with cast bronze trunk

• #2514 Solar Gray for use with cast aluminum trunk


Standard, French Curve & Keepsake designs

The leaves on all tree tops and keepsake trees are die cut from .020˝ leaded brass engraving stock with a satin grain finish.

Leaves are shipped preinstalled to the acrylic tree tops using 4/40 x 3⁄16˝ brass round head machine screws.

Optional colors: Silver colored aluminum leaves and copper leaves are also available. Different material colors (brass, silver

and copper) can be used to designate different levels of giving. In addition, other colors are available by special quotation.


The stones for our traditional trees are sculpted cast bronze with a .020˝ leaded brass plate attached to the surface for engraving.

Contemporary stones are cut from 1⁄4˝ thick yellow brass with a .020˝ leaded brass plate for engraving.


Trunks are supplied with concealed threaded studs for mounting. Tree tops are supplied with machine screws and expansion

sleeves for masonry walls or TogglersR for hollow walls. Indicate the type of wall to which your tree will be mounted so that

correct hardware is provided for installation.


Freight is not included in prices on any recognition trees, stones or leaves. For shipping allowance on a complete tree (styles T1

through T12), estimate 300 lbs. crated weight.

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