Wm. Schoppy, Inc. BBB Business Review

Computer Logo Trophy on Original Metal Roll Column

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Wm. Schoppy, Inc. BBB Business Review

Whooa-hooo we've hit the motherboard, erg, uh, mother-load for computer awards!  This sweet trophy is a the computer logo of your choice on top of an original metal roll column with your choice of graphics - either the motherboard or the staggered PDA, tablet, laptop, desktop.

Great for your favorite IT guy, gamer, computer enthusiast, or programmer extraordinaire.

The column is hand rolled aluminum metal, completely original to Schoppy's

7" Overall height with 4" column

Want to see your club, guild, or clique's logo on the trophy? Choose logo option F and e-mail your logo to info@schoppy.com and we'll incorporate it in to your trophy for FREE.

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