Chili Cooking Contest Starred Logo Trophy on Black Round Base




At Schoppy's we've picked a peck of peppers and they're comin' in HOT.

Spice up your trophy case with this beautiful full color red chili pepper resin.  Perfect for the winner of your Chili Contest, your favorite culinary expert, cocinero, or any other pepper-person.

The Chili Pepper Starred Logo Trophy on Black Round Base is more than 11" tall, has a starred logo holder, and includes free engraving on the gold aluminum metal trophy plate.

Your choice of logos: From the drop down menu select the Chef's Hat (as pictured) (A), The Chili Pot Mylar (E), one of the other selections or YOUR LOGO HERE (F) on a 2" Aluminum Disc. Want to see your club's logo award? Choose YOUR LOGO HERE and send your image to or upload it after check out.

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