Wm. Schoppy, Inc. BBB Business Review

The 85: Schoppy's Combined Perpetual Plaque

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Wm. Schoppy, Inc. BBB Business Review

Don't be fooled by the name '85,' this Schoppy Original plaque is from the future! A crown jewel for the Custom Plaque Guru, the 85 does the work of five separate perpetual plaques projected over an eight year span. 100% customized to your specifics.

20" tall by 24" wide, having one large plaque saves wall space over 5 individual plaques. 40 Satin brass plates for names surrounded by black steel plates that depict the categories and years.

The header plate is also black steel, laser engraving shows gold letters. Include your company's logo on the medallion holders that flank the header.

Send your company's logo to info@schoppy.com so they can be incorporated in to the plaque.

Logos must be camera ready or vector artwork in pdf or eps form.

A Proof Will be Emailed for Your Approval Prior to Shipment.

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