Wm. Schoppy, Inc. BBB Business Review

Academy Graduation Plaque

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Wm. Schoppy, Inc. BBB Business Review

Plaques are a big trend in group gift giving.  All the members of your squad, class, or other outfit together forever on this Schoppy's Original plaque.

At 17.5" Tall x 24" Wide, this big plaque will leave a giant impression on the teachers or instructors your group presents it to.

100% Customized, perfect for teams of 16 to 34.  Each member gets his/her own individual plate.  The header plate and footer plates give you space to share anecdotes or expressions from your time together.  Your group's custom logos or generic logos can also be incorporated to the plaque.  To tie the whole experience together, the center has a place for a 5" x 7" photo of the group.

Send your photo, logos, and text in an e-mail to info@schoppy.com

Please allow up to two weeks for assembly of your custom plaque in addition to shipping

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